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Namibia, place of sand and stone and where the world’s oldest desert rolls out in enormous undulating dunes into the icy crashing waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Namibia is a photographer’s paradise, the stark contrast of ever-blue skies and yellow dunes provides perfect light, and there is never a shortage of subject matter.

I want to travel here!



Known to the Khoisan Bushmen of the interior as ‘the land God created in anger’, it is a place where a few drops of water have at times been far more precious than the diamonds that famously litter its coastal sands. Everywhere there are huge bleached whalebones, the crumbling hulks of shipwrecks, dead plants, and the footprints of infrequent desert creatures, all on a desperate search for sustenance.



One of the greatest game parks in Africa–and one of the oldest–is also Namibia and owes its unique landscape to the Etosha Pan, a vast, shallow chalky-white depression of approximately 5000 km2 that forms the heart of the park. The park is packed with a variety of African safari wildlife specially adapted to the harsh conditions. Here you can spot cheetah on the vast open plains, lions, elephants, plenty of plains game and desert specialties like the springbok and striking gemsbok.