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Known as “the butterfly in the heart of Africa” Zambia is virtually ‘untouched’ and offers “the right combination of beautiful camps and real wilderness”.

World renown walking safaris, the wildebeest migration, and majestic Victoria Falls and mighty Zambezi are among the biggest draws.

Zambezi River


In the local Tonga dialect, Zambezi River means “Great River.” Being the fourth longest river in Africa, flowing 2700kms through six countries on its way from North-Western Zambia to the Indian Ocean. The river has remained untouched for centuries and is largely unexplored, making it a great destination for safari enthusiasts that are looking for an authentic and private adventure. For centuries wild animals have roamed the Zambezi river banks – stamping their tracks deep in the sandy beaches and wallowing in the calm, shallower waters.

Kafue National Park


Kafue National Park is the oldest and largest National Park in Zambia and the second largest National Park in the world. Despite Kafue’s prominent location and size, it remains vastly undiscovered. This pristine tract of African wilderness is a sanctuary to a variety of rare species and the southern section remains untouched by man.